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 Prince & Knight Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

 Prince & Knight Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

Hello Kitty Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Pink Princess Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

Superhero Batman Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Fairy & Angel Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Princess Rapunzel Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

Hello Kitty Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

 Sesame Street Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Butterfly Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Hello Kitty Hawaiian Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

 Dora & Diego Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Barney & Friends Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Princess Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

Snow White Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Princess Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

Mickey Mouse Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Football Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Candyland & Rainbow Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Angry Bird Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Disney Princesses Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

 Disney Princess Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Hello Kitty Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

BabyTV Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  One Piece Pirates Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  South Park Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

  Baby Disney Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment

 Bunny Theme Decoration Party by Birthday Castle Entertainment


Machita & Princess Ariel's Birthday Bash!

Date of Party : 10th March 2013
Birthday Girl’s Name : Machita
Venue : Machita's Home Sweet Home
Theme : Princess Ariel & Mermaid
Activities Lined Up & Done by Birthday Castle Entertainment : Party Styling + Party Planning, Theme Venue Decoration, Sand Art, Party Coordinating, Face Painting!

This is one of the sweetest & most elegant party we have done so far. Since the theme is of Princess Ariel & Mermaid, we put in a lot of ocean elements while designing this party.. Real seashells, pearls, coral, starfish, bubble and even Flounder are used in designing this party!

The face painting & sand art corner is still the hit among the kids and not to forget our Photo Booth section that are made around the theme! I especially love this photo booth section because we have a grand couch coupled with blue paper lantern to symbolized the bubble in the sea, beside, we also have some cut out bubbles...and oh who can forget, Princess Ariel as well? So remember to check that picture out, ok!

Styling this party as so fun as i get to bring all the sea elements to life! And check out our big Mermaid Cake as well! So loving it! And well, as usual, the party packs, all 50 of them, are grabbed up before the party ends! haha..some insisted on taking 3-4 packs as they said they love the way it was designed as well as the items inside of it!

Oh look at how we make our chocolate bar 3D and the cupcakes, how we put Ariel in! hehe... Dont you want something different for your party? If your answer is Yes, well, call us then! 016 411 5003 (find Allyson)

And to Trisya, Kasma and Machita, a BIG HUGS & THANKS for EVERYTHING! Thank you for your generosity & angpow (hehe), and thanks for being such a wonderful host!! I can see why your party is always so "look forward to" by all your friends; simply because you're a great friend!!!


All of us at Birthday Castle Entertainment!
 Pearl Crackers for All!

 The always so popular sand art activity for a birthday party!

 Mermaid's photo booth backdrop! So grand!

 Princess Ariel's Theme Party!

 Sparkling juice with Princess Ariel and also seashells!

 Birthday Castle's Guest Finger Print Canvas!

 The backdrop which goes so well with the Princess Ariel/Mermaid's theme birthday party!

 3D chocolate bar with our mermaid!

Overall feature table for Machita's Princess Ariel's Theme Birthday Party!

 The gorgeous backdrop with Princess Ariel and Machita's name

 Our overall feature table which is the main thing for Theme Decoration! This time, on mermaid's theme!

 Mermaid Cake..

 The always so popular Face Painting in Penang!

 Birthday Castle's Guest Finger Print Canvas!


Colin & Cayden's Superhero Party!

Date of Party : 21st October 2012
Birthday Child’s Name : Colin & Cayden
Venue : Colin & Cayden 's Home Sweet Home
Theme : Avengers, featuring Ironman
Activities Lined Up & Done by Birthday Castle Entertainment : Theme Venue Decoration, Popcorn Counter, Magical Clown, Face Painting, KeyChain Making Corner, Games with Games Masters!

Don’t we all agree that boy will always be boy? No matter how old or young they’ll be, there will always be this thing in them that never leave.. Wondering what is it? Haha.. it’s the desire to be like their superhero!!! I am sure all of us have a superhero that we adore, right? Same goes to the boys! Be it the avengers; Ironman, Batman, Captain America, Hulk, etc. they will stay in their heart until they grow up!

For our superhero party this time, it is quite a celebration because we are celebrating for 2 brothers! Colin and Cayden! Colin turned 7 and Cayden turned 1!! So happy getting to celebrate 2 boys at the same time!! When Mr Fang contacted us to style this party for his boys, we got pretty excited because 1, of the boy and 2, because we only have 2 weeks left and, my..again, we pull it thru and we made it great! Guess who else was invited to the party? Hulk, Captain America, Ironman of course!! How can a superhero party be called superhero when there’s no superhero, right?

We put a slight different to the backdrop this time by making it like newspaper’s front page with; FANG FAMILY’s WORLD PRESS being the headline, a big gigantic picture of Ironman, a few highlight and of course, the date! And the, for the banner, we personalized them and design it comic style. You can find comic design as far back as 1975 on them and to make it really special, we put in the kiddo’s name as well. See how comic has transformed throughout the years, I’ll say it is super cool!!

A gazillion thanks to Mr& Mrs Fang for being one of the most hospitable, kind, helpful and generous couple we have ever met! Their love for their boys is so special and deep, that the deepest ocean cannot beat that~

And just like old times, all of us really had a tremendously great time at the party, seeing familiar faces once again really made the party “our own” and close to our hearts. What a joy doing what we love the most!!


Barney the Purple Dino's Inspired Party~

Date of Party : 22nd September 2012
Birthday Girl's Name : Prahashini
Venue : Prahashini’s Home Sweet Home
Theme : Barney and Friends Theme Activities Lined Up & Done by Birthday Castle Entertainment : Themed; Venue Decoration..

Prahashini is definitely a very lucky girl being the daughter to Manoj and Yoshita, With her watery big eyes and also curly hair, Prahashini’s party was so grand because all her relatives and friends came from everywhere just to celebrate it with her!

As Barney and friends is her favorite cartoon, Manoj and Yoshita decided to make it the theme for her birthday. And as we all know, Barney is the purple dinosaur and so, the color scheme is definitely purple, light purple, dark purple and some white!
p/s: We think that paper lantern is so pretty and we started using it since this party in September!

Our crew went all the way to Sungai Petani to set up this party for Prahashini and no, we didn’t feel tired at all! In fact, it was one of the best trip ever! You asked us why? Because everyone in SP is so friendly and we meet great people there! Manoj and Yoshita’s family members were so friendly and helpful and styling this party for them was so fun!

The whole house was filled with helium balloons, inside and outside, and we have big giant foiled balloons ready for Prahashini as well!! The hall is so big that we can put up almost 50 balloons and we also have a big dining table to put up all our candies and party packs!!!

Overall, even the team had such a great time styling this party and we wish we can do this again for her. So much fun and happiness when you know, everyone loves what you have done for them!

Million thanks to Manoj and Yoshita Subramaniam for engaging us and we look forward to serving you next year! Hehe..

Make your kids party memorable, and stress free.. call us at 016 411 5003, find Allyson or email her at


Angel Yee Ern's 1st Angelic Party!

Date of Party : 8th September 2012
Birthday Girl's Name : Yee Ern
Venue : Client's Home Sweet Home
Theme : Angel’s Theme
Activities Lined Up & Done by Birthday Castle Entertainment : Themed; Venue Decoration..

Omg... looking back at the pictures, this decoration was done all the way in September! I am so sorry, folks for posting up this album so late! *forgive me puhhleesss...* hehehe

So anyway, back to the topic : Hehe :

Angel Yee Ern is such a cutie pie and being able to style this party for her, is an honor! Since this is the second Angel’s theme party that we are doing, we want everything to be special and pretty!

Although the party was held in The View condo with its strong wind yet magnificent view, that didn’t dampen our spirit. The color that was chosen for this little Angel was pink, white and a slight touch of purple. Everything was done in an angelic way. Even the party packs was done up so pretty-ly with ribbons, lace, and small little Angel’s cute out!

As for the decoration, we use a few photo frames, and cute little angelic glassware to fill in the marshmallow~ can you also see the small little containers that we use to put in the goodies for the kiddos? Haha..yea, most of them love it!

Oh yes, we also uses light as the backdrop since we want it to be “angelic-fairy” like, although light are very commonly use by party designers worldwide, we still think that it is a fantastic idea!

Oh Oo..if you realized, we also did a very special party hats for everyone! It's with the lovely a little bird and also furry-feather! ♥ special right?? hehehe..

The kids was entertained by a clown hired by Yee Ern’s parents and everyone really had a fantastic time..

THANKS SWEE GIM & ALEX for everything! (


Triss' Most Memorable Mermaid Party!

Date of Party : 11th August 2012
Birthday Girl's Name : Triss
Venue : Client's Home Sweet Home
Theme : Mermaid Theme
Activities Lined Up & Done by Birthday Castle Entertainment : Face Painting, Games & Magical Clown, Key Chain Making, Photography Service, Photobooth and Themed; Venue Decoration!

Alright peeps!! Here's some pictures for some of you who have been asking for it! hehehe.. Again, "time flies"!! Hahaha..

This is our 3rd year celebrating Triss's Birthday together with her family & friends..seeing her grow into such a pretty, gentle and sweet girl really make us feel...... hmm... "old"...? Hahaha.. it has been such a GREAT HONOR and PRIVILEGE to be planning her party for the past 3 years!!!

This year, she decided on the theme mermaid and yesh! Why not right? To make it really special, we made her a photo booth, mermaid tail skirt!!! (yesh!! awesome piece of clothing!!), a cake table filled with mermaid, under the sea stuff and of course, corals and seashells!!!!

Creating this mermaid theme for Triss was such a fun ride because we have so many ideas to put in but at the same time, dont wanna put too many things in (afraid it'll be tooooo messy!)... So anyway, here's the sneak peek!! More picture to come...

And here, we wanna say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to lovely mummy, Christina for trusting in us for the last 3 years!! We look forward to creating and styling more birthday parties for Triss and Tricia!! Hahaha.. It's just feels so happy to be getting return customers!!! ♥


Mickey Mouse inspired Birthday Party for You You!

Date of Party : 28th July 2012
Birthday Boy's Name : You You
Venue : Delicious, SQ
Theme : Mickey Mouse Theme
Activities Lined Up & Done by Birthday Castle Entertainment : Face Painting, Clown, 2 Game Stalls, and Themed; Venue Decoration!

Waiting for more pictures to come for You You's Mickey Mouse Party!! Simply love how grand and gorgeous everything turned out for this party! *Cuteness* - quoted by one of our client! Hehehe...xoxo, Us at BCE.

As for now, pictures courtesy of
and Thin P'ng as we wait for our own photographer to process all the photos from his camera...Mickey Mouse Party Decoration by Birthday Castle Entertainment (

Finally, some time to edit and post up the long awaited photos!! So so so sorry for the delay dearies..been really busy with so many orders! *paisei*

So yea!! We have been planning for You You's party since November last year!!! hahaha..When mummy Thin P'ng, contacted us last year to plan this party for handsome You You, we were so freaking excited!! I mean, who doesn't love Mickey right? We do!! haha.. as time gets nearer (and time do really fly faster that a rocket) we are, on July 28th, carrying out what we have planned for over the months!!!

Our day started quite early as we need to make the giant Mickey inspired balloon sculpture, decorate the whole place, set up the games stalls and also do the face painting.. But, this is the day we were all so excited about and so let the fun begins!!!

Everything about color, position, arrangement was done to make sure that this is a perfect party and well, true, is perfect and well done!!

I am so happy to know that Thin P'ng is very satisfied with what we have arranged for her and all her guest has a fabulous time.. I mean, that's one of the main thing right? Making sure everyone enjoyed themselves and had a memorable day.. You You had great fun too...such an angel!!

What we love most about this party?? The giant Mickey inspired balloon sculpture, the table decoration, the Mickey & Minnie banners, the games, party packs, food, host, guests, ambiance, company, cake, well..basically everything!!

THANK YOU to lovely mummy Thin P'ng for getting us to make this party memorable for You You! Its has been such a great honor knowing you and you're so friendly! Hehe..Thank you for trusting in us, having confident in us, and introducing us to so many of your friends!! Hope you love this album like we do!
 The whole place decorated and the personalized Minnie inspired party packs!
 Clown and kids

 Birthday cake!!

 The overall view of the decoration : Mickey Mouse inspired theme party..

 A closer view of our decor..

 Not to forget, some goodies for the children & adults!
 Mickey inspired marshmallows!!

 Kiss kiss from mummy & daddy!!

 Games, face painting, gifts!

  The lucky birthday boy..


Princess Themed Party for Ada..She's ONE!

Date of Party : 21st July 2012
Birthday Girl's Name : Ada
Venue : Fullhouse, Times Square
Theme : Princess Theme Birthday Party
Activities Lined Up & Done by Birthday Castle Entertainment : Sand Art, Clown, and Themed; Venue Decoration!

Princess Ada celebrated her 1st birthday just last week; on 21st july 2012 and it was held in Fullhouse, Times Square. When mummy Esther contacted us, it was merely a week from the party! Well, I would say, 5 days before Saturday!

At first, we are not too sure if we can pull this out; looking at the time constrain as we already have a few bookings on hand, but oh well, we still decided to give it a go because we do not want to disappoint anyone!

And the result..? Gorgeous Princess Party for little Ada!

Everything was done in pink, and white with flowers, princess printouts, balloons, unique party packs, party wands, etc! It was so classy and elegant as the material used are of high quality items… well, let’s just see the pictures ok..?

A big thank you to Esther for inviting us and it has be great planning this party for Ada! We are so glad everyone loved our set up, especially the party treats and party packs! Haha..creating unique and memorable party is our expertise! And who can forget about the activities for the children..? Of course; they are treated to a night filled with fun! Clown & Sand Art!

 lovely family shot with Princess Ada and Eva.. Decoration themed would be Princess!!

 Sand art to keep the children occupied

 Personalized Princess Banner, all done and design by yours truly..

 The overall view of our Princess themed decoration

 Some very unique party packs from us!

 Princess cupcakes

 Personalized Princess chocolate bar

 Closer view of the Princess themed deco


Ysabel's 1st Birthday Celebration with Baby Mickey & Minnie

Baby Ysabel turned 1 on 15th June 2012 and her daddy, as invited us to decorate her party for her. With Baby Mickey, Baby Minnie, Baby Donald, Baby Daisy, Baby Goofy and Baby Pluto being her favorite, we thought it’ll be a great idea to celebrate Baby Ysabel’s Birthday with them! And so, the planning begins! We wanted something different for the party packs, and so another unique party pack was born! 

Going around the red, and white theme color, we created everything from scratch! Everything is done from the heart with 101% love and passion! Hehe.. celebrating this party together is the clown and also 2 face painters! Our headband is once again the hit among all the kids and adults, thus, we decided to bring it back again in the next party! How can we deprive anyone from such awesome headband, right? Hahaha..

Anyway, ideas are everywhere for everyone! So feel free to get our ideas! 

The lollipops is also created according to the theme with lovely marshmallow! Oh yes, do you know that Daddy Kumaresan owned a bakery..? it’s at Jalan Transfer, called Maliia Bakery and their cake is awesome! How do we know that? Because Kumaresan made the cake and cupcakes for his precious baby’s birthday! 

Both the couple, Kumaresan and Dawn are great and friendly people. We have a great time knowing and meeting their family members too.. Haha..all the adults friends are super sporting, getting all their face painted with really out-of-box idea! Lolz.. Thank you Kumaresan and Dawn for inviting and trusting in us! So happy to know that you all had a great time with our face painting, clown’s performance and lovely decoration! 


Upin and Ipin wishes Damyien HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

This was another happening and grand birthday party done by us!! Damyien’s Birthday Celebration falls on the same weekend as Xander, Wee Len, and Desshnaa, which means, an extremely busy weekend for all of us at Birthday Castle Entertainment.

When Zack contacted us to plan this party for handsome Damyien, he is still in KL & he trusted us all the way to make this party awesome for his boy. Given a certain budget, we begins to think of what types of games will be suitable for the children, what tidbits to put, what decoration to set up, which color theme would be perfect, what kind of booth we should have to make the whole party outstanding, unique and grand?

Since Upin & Ipin is the theme, we decided to go with blue and yellow! Everything was perfect! Kids get to win soooooo many presents, watched and participated in magic show, got a souvenir each (party pack, key chain, sand art, candies).. we also set up a candy floss counter and face painting corner and my..the kids are spoil on that day!!!

What about Damyien..? He is such a handsome boy showered with tons of love from his parents, grandparents, aunties and auncles!! So adorable!!!!

Oh yes, did I mention, we also have 2 big set up of Upin and Ipin! One at the entrance, another at the stage! And speaking of uniqueness, we created a photo booth for the children as well! Lots of them queue up for it! special!!! If you want to make your child’s party memorable, then pick us, contact us, hire us! You’ll never be disappointed with what we can deliver!

Last but not least, another big thank you to Zack & Siti for hiring us to make this day memorable for Damyien.. Everyone's so happy!! You’re an awesome couple and we look forward to plan Damyien’s Party until he is old!! As quote by Zack, “I’ll see you again next year, I want YOU to do his party every year, I want to throw him birthday parties until he is keep in touch!!” So freaking happy to hear this from Zack!! THANK YOU!


Xander's Wonderful 11th Birthday Party with South Park & Friends!!!

When Steven contacted us a few weeks before 27th May, we told him that his first choice of party date; 26th May was already fully booked! But at the same time, we do not want to disappoint anyone, and thank God, Steven second choice was 27th May 2012, and that is the date that we felt would be perfect to host Xander’s 11th Birthday Party! We quickly get our hands and legs and most importantly brain moving to think of what to do for Xander’s party. He wanted a South Park theme party and his favorite character is none other than Kenny! So we thought, what can be better than to include all of Kenny’s best friends? Kyle, Stan and Cartman! We first met Xander and his parents at Wee Len’s 12th Pirates Party and we got soooooo excited because we know that we will be hosting the party for the same group of fun and happening kids! We started the day as early as 730 in the morning and turned the whole hall of Skyhome into South Park Party! Xander, as usual, was so fun, active and happy to see all of us. We bring in 4 games stalls, 2 face painters, 1 clown, 1 set of magic tricks, 1 full set of games session for the 4 hours party! Everyone was having so much fun with so many activities and there is not one second gone by without them having the time of their life. We love the time when we were cutting the birthday cake because Xander was so sporting and happy! You can definitely see it from the picture..he was a very happy, joyous, and blessed boy! We are glad to know the Steven’s and would like to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to STEVEN and SANDY for their generosity! They have been the kindest and sweetest couple! Thanks Steven and Sandy! We had a great time at the party and we are glad that we are friends with the children! They make us feel so much younger! Hahaha..


Wee Len's 12th Birthday Party with One Piece Pirates!

It was exactly a week before the birthday party that Miss Ooi called us up to inform us that she want us to plan, prepare, host, and decorate the place for her son; Wee Len’s Birthday. Initially, she wanted to hold the party on the 26th May, but unfortunately, we are already fully booked on that day, but nothing is impossible, we decided to bring the celebration a day earlier! We’re also in charge of booking the hotel and ballroom apart from doing the decoration, games, face painting, customized party packs, party favors; basically we do everything! now you know, we do everything for your party!! Leaving you relaxing and enjoyable days, with totally no headache! Anyway, back to the party.. When we spoke to Wee Len, he told us that he want a ONE PIECE party! And we thought, what’s more better than decorating the place with everything pirates?? So here we go, we “build” a pirate ship, get a pirate cake, gather all “gold” & jewelry, got some bottles (without alcohol in it, hehe), make a few banners even for the entrance and stage! ALL CUSTOMIZED for the party.. We also design pirate’s party packs, pirate’s hats, pirate’s hook, pirate’s eye patch..Even the straw and napkin are decorated according to the theme!!! Hahaha…we got so excited for the party and started decorating once we reach the ballroom. No time has gone into waste here! All the children especially Wee Len has a fantastic time, everyone was jumping, running, shouting, playing around the ballroom with all their props!! How awesome is this Pirates Party!! Hahaha.. so yeah, do call us to host a party for you or your child! Nothing is too hard for us, we make every convenient and stress free for you, after all, we know that, the reason you hire us is to take out a burden off your shoulder! So just sit back and enjoy, while we create a wonderful party for you! You’ll never regret having us! Call Allyson at 016 411 5003 or email her at


Desshnaa's 1st Birthday Party with US!

When Mohan contacted us via email beginning of the year to plan for his lovely daughter, Desshnaa's Birthday, he is still in Japan! BUT that never stop us from helping Mohan and his wifey to plan and prepare for this memorable day..gosh~ see, this is what technology is all about; distance is not a problem anymore! So yea, we started liasing and planning via emails, and then the day finally came! Mohan and his family of 3 flew all the way back from Japan to celebrate Desshnaa’s Birthday..what a great way for reunion, meeting up with all relatives and friends and at the same time, celebrate this joyous occasion!!! We set up a pair of Mickey & Minnie balloon pillars at the stage area and customized the Birthday Banner for Desshnaa! So lovely!! We are glad everyone enjoyed the clown’s entertainment, and love the deco.. and most of all, we are glad to be able to meet Mohan and plan this party for them! See, now you know that distance is not a problem as long as you have us and of course, technology! Hahahaha… THANK YOU MOHAN and WIFEY!!!


Ashley's 7th Birthday with Hello Kitty & her lovely friends!!!

When Mummy Trincy contacted us few weeks back, we got very excited to be planning and organizing this party for lovely Ashley. She is turning 7 this year and she wanted Hello Kitty as the decoration for the party. Aww~ so lovely, isn’t she? As we started thinking about what to decorate and prepare, we also feel in love with Hello Kitty! Such a lovely character, suitable for all the girls out there! Anyway, preparation started off with personalizing Ashley’s Happy Birthday Banner, getting the character printed in high quality art card with colors (and not just black and white ink, haha) to make everything beautiful, cute and lovely! We selected a few colors to be the center theme and work around it. And my, you can see that everything turns out so pretty!! We also get the party packs customized into Hello Kitty character with some wand, mask, balloons, mirror, notebook for the kids..I am so in love with Hello Kitty right now! Haha, thinking of getting some Hello Kitty accessories soon! Okay, back to the party (sorry, I know I am a bit off topic) hehehe..cant help, Kitty is so cute! So we met Trincy and Ashley on that day, and since this is the first time Trincy is getting a party planner, we assured her that everything will be just fine and perfect! Besides the decoration, we also host some water/pool games for the children and oh my..they had so so so much fun!! Everyone was splashing water and getting wet and participated! Apart from that, we also have some game stalls readied for them and they were so happy because they win so many presents!! long as the kids are happy, we are happy and the parents are happy too! This is what Birthday Castle is all about, bringing happiness to everyone, anywhere! And then, not to forget the souvenir for them to bring home, key chain making session! Loving everything we have! Hahaha.. It was great meeting gorgeous Trincy and Ashley as we really had lots of fun with the family. Thank you Trincy for your generosity and trust in us and we are glad, we met! was a great feeling to know that, Trincy did not regret getting us but felt grateful for us! Hehe..Thank you for the word “Awesome” that was given to us, it really means a lot to all of us! We are so glad to know that Ashley and her friends had an awesome time and they really enjoyed the party..Knowing that really puts a smile on our face! THANK YOU TRINCY!!!

Levelle's 1st Birthday Party - 2012

Everybody loves balloons, especially those that can float! Haha..Balloons makes everyone happy!!! Ms Yeoh invited us to decorate the restaurant with pink, purple and white for her lovely daughter; Levelle's 1st Birthday..the result? it's so PRETTY and AWESOME!!!! Well, other than pictures, let's let the feedback from Miss Yeoh speaks for themselves! ♥ "GOOD job everyone!!! All the guests had a memorable and wonderful night especially kids. I love the decoration and clown service as well…" THANK YOU MISS YEOH!!! p/s: some pictures are shared with us by Ms Yeoh... Thank you once again!!! HAPPINESS ARE MEANT TO BE SHARED, right..? If you want more decoration and entertainment for your party, do call us at 016 411 5003 or email



Easter Celebration - 2012

Easter Egg, Bunny, Chocolates, Candies, Egg Hunt, Rabbit, Presents! Yes, these are the responses that we often get when we say “EASTER”!! This year, once again we have our huge Easter Celebration at G-Hotel. What do we have this year? If you remember our previous post, then you’ll know that we have Face Painting, Egg Painting, Egg Hunt (most popular), Bunny appearance and prize giving!! Woohoooo~ Let the pictures do the talking now! If you want funfilled activities for your event, birthday parties, school open day, just find us! We guaranteed you a really unforgettable-because-its-awesome day event! Haha…










Hayden's 2nd Street's Birthday Party - 2012

What would be more lovely than a Theme Party..? This year, Hayden's mum; Lisa, decided to have a theme party for the 2 year old Hayden.. What would be cuter than Elmo and his friends..? Zoe, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Burt were all there at this party!! To make it even more interesting, we have Creampuff the Clown with Ocean the Clown too!!! Then we have Thengx and Nic as our face painters and Syaza, helping out the children with Air Clay..It's so much fun!! And we get to bring Elmo and his friends back after that!!! Pictures courtesy of Lisa and our photographer, Terrell!




Glavelle's 1st Birthday Party - 2012

Glavelle is such a lovely girl surrounded by lots of love!!! When her mummy; Erane approached us to make her the Birthday Banner and also Invitation Card, she brought with her, pictures of Glavelle..And our first thought..? SUCH A LOVELY GIRL! Her smiles will certainly melts any heart and her laughter..? Takes all our worries away! And so, we can’t say no.. We started designing her Birthday Banner, tons of ideas kept coming and then there's the card! Such a cute and personalized item! As the day comes closer, we thought, how can parties goes on without any entertainment..? And so, we suggested to pretty Erane some clown, face painting, or keychain and bracelet making.. Final decision..? we go ahead with Key Chain and Bracelet Making! That is the BEST CHOICE ever made! All the children had so much fun designing their own keychain and bracelets! My…looking at the joy on their face? We wish for more time to spend with them!!! Nothing beats a personalized, only 1 in the whole wide world Birthday Banner, Souvenir and Invitation Cards!!!

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