Pearl Color TAG Face Paint

- Add instant magic and sparkle with this wonderful Pearl Paint.
- Also known as Metallic Paint, these sweetie are not something you wanna left out. 
- With it shimmering effects, these colors will certainly make your drawing outstanding, brings smiles and happiness to many faces!
- It really makes a different!!! It makes your Face Painting UNIQUE!
- Available in 32g

 Product Name : Pearl Blue
32g : RM 35.00

 Product Name : Pearl Green
32g : RM 35.00

 Product Name : Pearl Orange
32g : RM 35.00
 Product Name : Pearl Purple
32g : RM 35.00

 Product Name : Pearl Red
32g : RM 39.00

 Product Name : Pearl Rose
32g : RM 35.00

Product Name : Pearl White
32g : RM 47.00

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