TAG Face Paint

Get the ever awesome and fantastic Face Paint here!!! An Australia renowned brand, all our TAG paint are from Australia, and are highly recommended for all body arts, face painting, hand painting activities for every artists, hobbyist, bridal studios and even make up students out there!!
This highly pigmented make up are water based, making it easy to be wash off; even just with warm water and soap. Their vibrant colors are to die for! It is brilliant for line work and has outstanding coverage when used with either sponges or brushes. Trust us, the white will always be the whitest white, and black; the blackest black! It is perfect in maintaining intensity, with lighter colors obviously showing when used over darker colors.
What’s more important is, the paints are non toxic, skin safe, and made with FDA approved ingredients. Face Painting is TRULY FUN!

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the ever gorgeous Face Painting set!

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