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We are no other than your BIRTHDAY PARTNER!! 

Established in 2008, Birthday Castle Entertainment has done more than 740 birthday parties and is the brainchild of Allyson Ooi. 
Her mission when establishing this FIRST and FOREMOST BIRTHDAY PLANNING COMPANY in Penang is to give EVERY parents peace of mind. 
  • She wants to see SMILES and SATISFACTION on the faces of the adults & children
  • She want every child to have a birthday party like no other, a party in which they will never forget because it is so COOL and FUN! 
  • She wants to bring so many different types of entertainment to everyone, not just a clown, but it goes all the way to games and education as well. 
  • She wants the party to be filled with lovely and colorful balloons, and what more..? It'll be even greater if it is done with a theme, everything goes around the same theme! 
  • She wants to take away the burden off the shoulder of every working parents and at the same time, give them a party which their kid(s) will say "Mummy and Daddy, thank you for this awesome party" and most importantly, 
  • She want to create a party for everyone, not just any party, but a party that is so SPECIAL and MEMORABLE, created specially for your child, and a party that is not the same like anyone else..


We know that as a parent, you'll be busy with work, house chores, kids, personal life, etc and you'll hardly have any time left for your self. And with only 24 hours/day, why not let us HELP YOU TO PLAN YOUR KID'S BIRTHDAY..?
Then at least, you'll have 1 lesser headache~

We will help you to plan your party from the beginning to the end..That's right, you didn't read it wrong, from beginning to the end. 

Doesn't matter is your party is big or small, now or then, all we want to do is, to make your party SPECIAL! Hey, no one birthday child is the same, so why should YOUR party be like others..? Make it DIFFERENT, make it UNIQUE, make it SPECIAL, make it OUTSTANDING, and most importantly, MAKE IT MEMORABLE!!

We're help you to get the ball party rolling by :

1. Sorting out a Venue..
2. Getting the Guest List.. deciding how big or small you want the party to be..
3. Theme or No Theme? What kind of decoration..?
4. Making an uniquely yours Invitation Card
5. Getting the Goodie Bags
6. Ahh...what else..? A boring and no laughter party..? That's a total NO NO!!!! So, here's where the expert comes in..who..? you ask..? US!! Alright, we provides :
- Clowns!!
- Face Painting!!! (YESSH!! this is getting more and more and MORE POPULAR, not to mention, what's a party without gorgeous drawing..???)
- Games Stalls (think fun fair, think games stalls!! Imagine UNLIMITED present for redemption, and keeping all the kids OCCUPIED for hourSSS!!! Things will be so easy for you right..?)
- Sand Art, Key Chain Making, Popcorn, Candy Floss, ...omg~ cant stop the list!!
- Pinata!!! (Such a great games with all the goodies falling down from heaven!)
Having not enough entertainment yet..? NO worries, we have about 50 activities for you to choose from!! All you have to do is call or email us!!! Details below..!!
7.  A birthday without a cake..? Don't think so! Yups, we bakes as well, and mind you, they are fantastic birthday cake!
8. ....
9. ....
10. ....
and the list goes on..like we said earlier, we assist you from beginning to the end! So, all you get is CONVENIENCE & RELAXATION before, during and after the party.. you get to ENJOY the party too!

SO, who are we again..? That's right ..........................................

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