New Arrival!

Introducing Our New Items!
They are ALL PERSONALIZED, CUSTOM MADE & DESIGN by Birthday Castle Entertainment..But no, we are not the creator, we get the ideas from everywhere!! People, net, blog, website, books, research, etc!

DO call US if you want something DIFFERENT for your PARTY!!!
016 411 5003 or

These balloon animal is extremely adorable especially when the children bring them home as a "pet"! Trust me, they will bring them walking around the house!
Featuring : Safari Balloons

Design : Rabbit, Baby Elephant (pink, blue, silver, purple), Dogs, Hello Kitty (blue & pink), Giraffe, Tortoise, Penguin, Dinosaur, Panda, Cat, Tiger, Frog, Chicken, Duck, Lady Bird, etc!
Wholesale Order Available!

 Make your OWN Tee with your child's name and their friend's name! 1 in the whole wide world! *YAY*
Featuring : Hello Kitty (of course, other design can be done too!)

 Personalized Wooden Key Chain

 Princess Party Packs

Window Art with Many Cartoon Design
*Wholesale Order Available*

Go for something Different and Personalized as Door Gift for your guest! 
Give them something they will keep for ages, talk about for ages, and love for ages! 
Give them something you like! Give them something no one has done before 
(well, as per our design!Haha)
Birthday Castle's Cupcakes for Birthday Party + Message in A Bottle
Featuring : Snow White, Cupcakes for Guest and Door Gift for Guest!

 Personalized Party Packs with Your Child's Name!
Make the Party ALL ABOUT YOUR CHILD!! It's so Cool!! ♥
Featuring : Hawaiian Hello Kitty

 Birthday Castle's Guest Finger Print Canvas
Instead of the classic guest book, why not go for a change?
Featuring : Kokeshi doll & Helium Balloons!

Instant Photo Strips for You & Guest!! Comes with Personalized Message too!
Photos that are TAKEN & PRINTED ON THE SPOT!
A GREAT Souvenir!

 Birthday Castle's Guest Finger Print Canvas
Instead of the classic guest book, why not go for a change?
Featuring : Princess Ariel & Bubbles!

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