The pinata is a popular game for birthday party. It comes in many designs but the most popular designs would be heart shape with Princess theme, Castle, Flower and Minnie Mouse (for girls), or Car, Treasure Box and Donkey shape pinata (for boys).
Cheer up the kid's party with all the goodies that are stored inside the pinata and let the kids have fun collecting the goodies once it felt out the pinata!

Princess Pinata

1 year old Pinata (we can do according to your kid's age too)

Barney & Friends Pinata

Ben 10 Pinata

Candy Cane Pinata

Mickey & Friends Pinata

Mickey's Pinata

Doraemon's Pinata

Hello Kitty's Pinata

Minnie Mouse's Pinata

Kids' in action!! They are having lots of fun!!!

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