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We have done sooooooooooooooooooooooo many birthday parties since 2008 and there is none that is too hard for us, all of them ended up with so much fun, joy, happiness, satisfaction from the host, guests, children, and of course the birthday child..

Being the FIRST BIRTHDAY PLANNER IN PENANG, Birthday Castle Entertainment is very well known for their professionalism, great services, fun filled entertainment, friendly crews and so much more...

You can rest assured that your party will never be forgetten but will be the talk of all your friends for so many years to come when you hire us! The reason..? Because we promise to deliver to you a MEMORABLE PARTY!

So, what do you say..? Why don't you leave the hassle and burden to the professional; BIRTHDAY CASTLE ENTERTAINMENT, while you sit back and ENJOY YOUR CHILD'S PARTY..? GREAT deal, isn't it..?

ALLYSON : 016 411 5003


on another note we are the FIRST Party Planner in Penang who are offering 3D design for your party!

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